Daniel Gregory

“One of the most difficult tasks men can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games.”

Mafia II: Joe’s Adventures – good DLC


Many of us have hoped that the good Mafia II to have a continuation of the story that has been left hanging in the game. Until then, we can enjoy the new DLC for Mafia II, a good DLC that comes with many quests with which we can practice our mafia skills.

Joe’s Adventures – the action of the game is centered around Joe Barbaro, the impulsive and violent partner of Vito Scaletta from the main game, in a winter landscape of the city Empire Bay from the period when Vito was in jail.

The DLC is an extension of the original game, completing the initial story with details behind Vito Scaletta’s jailing, in the context offered by the mafia activities of Clemete family, who is actually responsible for sending Vito in jail.

The world from Empire Bay is completed with new locations to visit, new clothing items and new songs and it has to offer you 24 quests, that means around 8 hours of gameplay. Among the new elements introduced by DLC it is also a car and a few new locations to explore: the subway station, the train station, a yachting club, a supermarket and a brothel - explore all options.

Playing this game you will have many missions, but sometimes they are way too simple or way to hard and this is pretty annoying. There are also a couple of interesting missions like the one that takes place in the brothel, a place that is decorated properly or the gun fight that take place in a supermarket. Maybe I found these two missions to be interesting because they were new and I haven’t played them in the original Mafia II.

The missions are against time, and there are scored details like time, speed and the capability to drive. The first two let’s say that are ok to accomplish, but the driving part was pretty annoying since you will have an old car that is pretty hard to control and drive, not to mention the fact that speed isn’t something that you will have - for more details click here.

In big lines, with all the good and the bad parts, Mafia II Joe’s Adventures manages to live up to the original game and the fact that the game now solves some mysteries from the original game make it to be so good and appreciated.